Biomeb Ointment used for soothing burns, It is a natural remedy that has an effective role in regenerating and maintaining skin cells.

It is mainly composed of beta-sitosterol and contains sesame oil and bees wax.

The components of Biomeb Ointment create an unsuitable environment for the growth of microbes such as bacteria or fungi, thus protecting the affected area from infection.


Beta Sitosterol – Hypericum Perforatum Oil –

Avocado Oil – Lavender Oil – Bees Wax –

Sesame Oil.


First degree burn

Second degree burn (superficial and deep) to avoid skin grafting.

Third degree burn to reduce pain , isolate the wound and liquefying necrotic tissue.

Chronic wound as diabetic foot.

Bed ulcer.

Circumcision Wound.

Post laser & post chemical peeling.

Cracked nipple.

Ointment used for soothing burns, relieves pain, provide rapid reduction of edema & erythema. Biomeb shield the burn to prevent infection , reduce body fluid loss, accelerate wound healing and prevent scar formation

Direction for use

A thick layer of the ointment is placed on the skin and left until completely absorbed, and repeated from 3 to 4 times.


Tube of 50 gm