Has astringent affect which calming down irritations and skin inflammations by presence of zinc oxide.

Has moisturizing effect control itching and inflammations of skin by presence of emu oil.

Makes oily barrier prevents skin contact with irritants like (sweat & urine) by presence of olive oil.

Synergistic antimicrobial action which prevents development to secondary infection by presence of borax & irgasan.

Ensure high safety profile so can prescribed for neonate.


Zinc Oxide – Olive Oil –

Emu Oil – Borax –



Diaper rash.

Soothing the skin in sweat rash and insect bites.

Topical soothing in pinworm infestation.

Moisturizing cream for irritant skin.

Does not contain cortisone or harmful materials to the skin.

Direction for use

A thin layer is to be applied on the inflamed skin 2 or 3 times daily.


50 gm