Gleam Whitening Cream treat and prevent skin hyperpigmentation caused by increased melanin (pigment which is primarily responsible for the color of skin) caused by sun damage, inflammation, or other skin injuries, including those related to acne vulgaris. Gleam Whitening Cream (Licorice Extract) inhibits pigmentation by preventing tyrosinase enzyme activation, rich with antioxidants, potent moisturizers, soothing effect and act as a physical barrier that scatters sun's harmful rays.

• Hydroquione free

• SPF 30

• For all skin types

• safe


Licorice Extract –  Ascorbic Acid ( Vitamin C) – Allantoin – Titanium Dioxide – Jojoba Oil – Glycerin – Vit. E – Bearberry Extract –  Lemon Extract – Cranberry Extract.


• Skin discolorations from the sun.

• Post acne discoloration.

• Dark neck and dark arms.

• Hyper pigmentation problems such as melasma, dark elbows, dark knees or inner thighs.

Skin lightening, repair cream has strong effects & safe on skin.

Direction for use

Twice daily at any time of the day.


50 gm