Helps to restore moisture and vitality of the cracked and dry skin as it contains high-efficiency materials prepared with the latest scientific methods.

Restores elasticity of skin by compensating skin water and lipid content by effect of urea, glycerin & almond oil.

Removes dried dead skin cells which delay fissures healing by keratolytic effect of salicylic acid.

Relieves rapidly the pain and the inflammations of fissures due to anti-inflammatory effect of almond oil & menthol.

Restores skin natural humidity by humectants effect of urea & glycerin.


Urea – Lactic Acid –

Salicylic Acid – Almond Oil –

Glycerin – Menthol


All kinds of skin fissures, cracks, roughness & skin dryness.

Heel and elbow fissures


Scale lifter in psoriasis

Topical emollient and keratolytic cream used to treat skin fissures & hyperkeratosis

Direction for use

Applied twice daily


Tube 50 gm