Massage Cream

A homogeneous formula that has a strong and fast effect :

• Accelerates blood circulation in the joints, which works to relieve joint stiffness.

• Helps relieve pain associated with arthritis, as a result of the local anesthetic effect of menthol and camphor.

• It is characterized by its high ability to penetrate the layers of the skin and the speed of absorption.


Camphor – Menthol –

Eucalyptus Oil.


Help in cases :

• Muscles and joints stiffness.

• Swelling.

• Joint Sprain.

• Muscle Strain.

• Muscle Aches.

• Muscles warming up before and after exercise.

Massage cream help in relieving the musculoskeletal pain.

Direction for use

Apply the cream and massage gently until complete absorption. Repeat twice daily.


50, 75 gm.