Feminine Cleanser

Has a powerful synergistic anti-microbial effect from (T.T.O. , Triclosan , Cetrimide)

• Contains volatile oils (Menthol, Camphor) which have refreshing and cooling properties.

• Restores the natural physiological PH to support the natural defense mechanisms against harmful substances.

• Contains Tea Tree Oil which is a strong lubricant agent that helps to maintain the normal moisture level.

• Helps in homogenous distribution over vaginal tube to ensure maximum efficacy thanks to cetrimide.


Melaleuca Alternifolia (T.T.O –

Triclosan – Cetrimide –

Menthol – Camphor.


• Acts as hygienic liquid cleanser in case of vaginal infection.

• Soothe burning and itching in case of vaginal infection.

• Unique for daily care.

Powerful cleanser effect against abnormal discharges. Helps in relieving itching, irritation, and masking bad odor.

Direction for use

• As a foaming cleanser 1: 2 measures for 1 liter of water.

• Using directly without dilution then rinse with warm water.


120, 200, 240 ml