Safe and effective to relieve skin irritation due to the anti-inflammatory & soothing action of Zinc Oxide.

Calming skin inflammation and redness due to the astringent effect of Zinc Oxide.

Scattering harmful UV rays by presence of sunscreen agent Titanium Dioxide.

Protects from harmful free radical by the antioxidant properties of Vit.E.

Stimulates wound healing by presence of Dexpanthenol which induces DNA synthesis.

Prevents skin dryness by hygroscopic effect of Glycerol.

Coldness effect of Menthol relieves pain and itching.


Zinc Oxide – Titanium Dioxide – 

Vit.E – Dexpanthenol – Glycerol –



Relieves symptoms of sweat rash.

Prevents and control sunburn.

Relieves skin inflammations as a result of insect bites.

Calms redness & roughness of skin due to irritant substances.

Soothing in cases of chickenpox and measles.

Soothing urticarial symptoms.

Lotion has a marvelous skin calming and soothing effect.

Direction for use

A thin layer is to be applied to the skin with gentle rubbing 2-3 times daily


A bottle of 120 & 200 ml