Massage Cream

Comprehensive formula ensure fast effect :

- Have cooling and rubefacient effect that decreases stiffness, swellings and aches of joints and muscles.

- Assists in easing the immediate stiffness and swelling of joints and muscles in backache, sports injuries, sprains, strains.

- Is a natural cream has high safety profile.


Camphor –  Menthol –

Methyl Salicylate – Emu Oil.


Help in cases :

• Muscles and joints stiffness.

• Swelling.

• Joint Sprain.

• Muscle Strain.

• Muscle Aches.

• Muscles warming up before and after exercise.

Massage cream help in relieving the musculoskeletal pain.

Direction for use

A small amount of URGENT Massage Cream spread over the needed area and rubbed gently until complete absorption repeated 2 times daily.


50 & 75 gm.